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Align Family Therapy works with individuals, couples, families, children and focus on those needing help with financial & medical needs.
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Families have many moving parts, and sometimes things get out of alignment. In these situations it is imperative to be able to communicate early and often in order to keep a great family environment. Disagreements will happen, but we can work on ways for your family to productively work together to come up with solutions.


Are you and your partner going through a rough patch right now? Do you want to learn how to communicate more effectively? Let’s work together on how to listen and communicate so that each person feels heard in your relationship. Spending the time to discover how you function as an individual will help you to be able to relate to each other and have a deeper understanding as a couple to give you both overall satisfaction.


Do you struggle with putting into words how you feel? Do you feel lost in your emotions and need help sorting things out? Whatever it is that you are going through, we can work together to help you get your life aligned. Individual therapy allows you to feel safe to release the anxiety in your life and work on becoming a better you. Whether you need to face trauma or tragedy, work on building confidence or trust, therapy can be a constructive way to process your past and prepare for your future.


At a young age, we begin to develop characteristics and thought processes to deal with everyday-life situations that can stay with us through adulthood. With changes happening so fast as our children grow, this is the perfect time to make sure that those thoughts and characteristics are on the right track. Preemptive or reactive, we will focus on ways for your child to positively express themselves while making smart decisions in life.


Do you and/or your partner clash when discussing your finances? Do you find it hard to see eye to eye when working on your budget? Let me help you. We can work together to create a working budget that is best for you and/or your partner. We’ll work on changing the way you feel about your finances while creating a better solution for your specific situation. Financial family therapy can help with the numbers as well as your relationship with money. Let me help you brainstorm ideas for debt management, budgeting and working on your financial future.


Ever feel like no one understands you or what you’re going through? Whether you have an invisible illness, such as chronic pain or fibromyalgia or something else that no one else seems to understand. You may be experiencing a difficult pregnancy or having post-partum depression. Maybe you were recently diagnosed with cancer or another illness that causes you troubles. If you or someone close to you is experiencing this and wants to be able to talk to someone in a safe and friendly environment, you’ve come to the right place. I have experience working with many clients with medical concerns where therapy can be an outlet to help relieve them of some of their stresses and feel understood. We can work together on your path of healing and include an alliance with your healthcare professional as well.


I offer premarital counseling for couples by using the Prepare & Enrich program. We focus on communication, family planning, financials and other goals for your relationship. Using the Prepare & Enrich Assessment tool will help you both to understand where each person stands with common topics discussed before marriage. Strength and goal areas are outlined for each couple to continue working on as their relationship progresses.

*The Prepare & Enrich Assessment tool is also available for couples who are already married, couples as parents and couples who are looking to adopt.
$40/assessment cost


In a world where you are trying to find your place and figure out your own identity, sometimes things can be confusing. Ever wonder if someone else is going through the same thing? Would it be helpful to know and talk to others that are experiencing the same struggles as you? To find someone that you can connect with and talk in a safe group setting about challenges that you each face.